Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Lone Stonemason on a Mission to Restore the Horse in Golden Gate Park

In case you haven't already seen this on KTVU evening news, here is Tom FINALLY getting some press for this phenomenal undertaking and he's getting some well-deserved, positive praise for his charitable restoration project for Vet Anderson's horse in Golden Gate Park. Tom is indeed a lone man on a lonely mission to keep this beautiful horse bas-relief sculpture from crumbling away. It's not just the elements threatening the demise of this 1937 WPA era sculpture, it's the vandals.

Their hands are literally picking away at the gutted sculpture and as previously blogged, nasty green spray paint has added more unnecessary damage.
Tom Sperow is a true artist and a craftsman of another time. Let's make sure that his efforts and his work get recognized by helping him get to the restoration's end before the horse disappears altogether at the hands of vandals!  --photos and post by Ingrid Sperow