Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Professional Sealing of your Natural Stone Counters

When is it a good time to re-seal your natural stone counters? Maybe you need a weekend away?

Granite, limestone and marble counters require yearly professional re-sealings to maintain their natural beauty and luster. Any stain removal and chip repair would also take place at this point too if required. While you’re having your counters sealed, you may as well have the grout replaced too; this procedure removes the water stain build up and mildew accumulation in the grout. (Stonemason Tip: count on having this procedure take about 72 hours to completely dry…in other words, go away for the weekend right after this is done!)

Soapstone has a different approach to sealing than marble, granite or limestone. Because soapstone requires the user to seal the counters on a weekly basis with food grade mineral oil for the first few months and then monthly thereafter, it is a slightly more maintenance intensive countertop—but well worth the effort.

Are there any counters that do not require sealing and repetitive maintenance?

Yes there are. Caesarstone©,Zodiac© and Silestone © are man-made quartzite materials used for counters, floors, walls, etc. These materials are an excellent option for those who don’t want to think about maintenance or sealing ever. They all come in amazing colors ranging from choices that look like natural stone to flamboyant colors like orange, glittery red, outer space blue or green apple.

GG Park Sculptures - Vet Anderson - San Francisco Horseshoe Pitching

GG Park Sculptures - Vet Anderson - San Francisco Horseshoe Pitching

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